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Dear God

Dear God-
I think I have forgotten. In all the words whispered over the children, the pleas for health, protection, eyes to see You, that they may come to know You… never have the words thank you been uttered.

Perhaps it is because I did not have eyes to see, I mean really see. Yes, I have always counted it a privilege and a blessing to be in a position to provide support for our children. We send the check each month and we know Compassion uses that money wisely and these children are forever changed and we can rest in that.

But in the last few months, you have opened my eyes and I see that it is so much more than a check. It is us helping them and them helping me. The joy that comes from reading their letters. The thank you for gifts sent. The telling of stories of how they spent their gift. The smile on their faces in pictures. Words from their family that melt me to a puddle. Watching them grow, knowing they are healthy. Knowing they are learning about love and a new way of life. Learning about You. And I get to be a part of all this. That I can love from a far and they feel it thousands of miles away. Your love through me.

Your love through me. I love because you first loved me. How it takes a little child half way around the world to make that sink in… You love me. What greater gift could I be given.

Thank you, God, for this gift of Compassion. For these little children that have made their way into my heart. For teaching me through them what love really is… thank you.

In Jesus’ wonderful name, amen.

September is blog month over at Compassion. The goal 3,108 children sponsored. If you fell God leading you to sponsor a child, I encourage you to start here. Or maybe you could just pray for these children for a sponsor to come along side them.

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Three thousand one hundred-eight.

Compassion blog month. September one to September thirty. The goal? Three thousand one hundred-eight children sponsored in thirty days. Now this is exciting!

What happens when a child is sponsored through Compassion? That life is changed forever! The cycle of poverty broken. Hope and a new beginning become a reality in a world where 22,000 children die of starvation every. Single. Day.

These children are waiting. Waiting to be rescued. Waiting for hope. Waiting for a new beginning. Would you consider clicking over and praying for them?

I am watching and waiting to see God move, won’t you join in me in prayer for these children? Pray that God will open the heart of someone to bring them joy? Pray for well being and for them to come to know God? Pray for protection from disease, hunger, abuse, trafficking? Pray for a life to be changed forever? Pray for God to break your heart for what breaks His?

‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’
Matthew 25:40 NIV

Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.
Luke 18:16 NIV

You can check out Compassion International and all of the work they are doing here. Want to sponsor a child? Just go here.